The Phoenix Art Project Gallery Exhibit

Hello from the Durango Arts Center! Our world has been changed in ways we haven’t seen before. We know things have been rough and want to let you know that art persists and we are here for you! Your inspiration is needed now more than ever. 

The DAC is holding a Gallery Exhibition (in the East 2nd Avenue windows facing Steamworks Brewing Company) to reflect creatively on the challenges, resilience, and strengths revealed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Please note the gallery will still remain closed to the public. We want to see and hear how Covid-19, quarantine, and social isolation have impacted your life. We are accepting many forms of artistic expression: paintings, photography, sculptures, and audio recording of poetry to name a few. 

Now is an important time to document our collective experience. We want to see the community's expression of our perseverance through the past few months! 

To support local artists, the DAC will not take a commission on the sale of the artwork. The artists will manage and retain 100% of the sales. 

Durango Arts Center is currently accepting proposals from artists and curators for exhibits in the Barbara Conrad and Entrada Galleries for the 2020 and 2021 seasons. Entries are welcome from artists and curators of all career stages and in all mediums and themes for group and solo shows.

All Media Accepted:
Performance Art

New Media

Artists are encouraged to submit their current body of work or concept for an upcoming project, installation, performance, etc. The proposed project does not need to fill the entire space. Exhibits will be curated from the proposed work. Artists will be paired according to the Exhibits Committee and Exhibits Director's input. 

Curators are encouraged to think big about collaborative exhibition ideas and to connect with the Durango and surrounding communities through their artist selection, theme, and/or partnerships. 

Proposals are $15 for current DAC Members. $30.00 Proposal Processing Fee for Non-Members

Deadline to apply is July 1st, 2019 for the 2020 and 2021 seasons. Submissions will be reviewed by the DAC Exhibits Committee and Exhibits Director by the end of August and notifications will be sent on or before October 1st, 2019.

The Durango Arts Center's Exhibits Program believes the open call for proposals is integral to the full creative development of our community. Exhibits will be selected to support the growth of ideas and interests of local artists at all stages of their career by providing exhibition opportunities.  We are also interested in fostering our local arts community by presenting interesting contemporary artwork from out of the area to continually bring new creative ideas, concepts, and methods to our local artists and arts advocates. 

DAC is a multi-faceted hub for community arts that hosts and promotes contemporary visual and performing arts, arts education, dynamics exhibits, an active Docent program and the annual Durango Autumn Arts Festival. Over the years, DAC has built its reputation as a local arts industry leader and has been working diligently to ensure that the arts continue to thrive in the Four Corners region and beyond.

Our Mission:
The Durango Arts Center enriches the community through innovative visual and performing art, and arts education. DAC advances appreciation and participation in the arts as a cultural leader in the region.

Our Vision:
The Durango Arts Center strives to be a cultural destination and a creative catalyst, inspiring our community through engagement in the arts.

A Little History:
Since the late 1960s, the Durango Arts Center (DAC) has worked to promote the exploration, education, enrichment and enjoyment of the arts as a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization. What is affectionately known throughout the Four Corners as “DAC,” the Arts Center actually has a founding history rich in the support and development of the arts in this region that reaches back several decades.  DAC in current day is the result of a confluence of two agencies – the Durango Fine Arts Council (DFAC) and the Durango Artists Association (DAA) – both created in the 1960’s to develop and promote regional activity and interest in the arts.

Proposal Questions? Please contact

Note: We are working on updating Gallery Blueprints. These will be available when complete. 

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